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Thursday, April 9, 2009




Everything in the World of Work has changed. It is time to start on a new career path, or perhaps on several new paths.

We are now talking a lot about “bridge” jobs—jobs to hold life and limb together while waiting to go back into a former line of work or industry.

A funny thing is happening here. Some people are literally falling in love with their bridge jobs.

Just last week I talked to a cab driver on Park Avenue. He was smiling as he patted a full notebook on the seat beside him. I asked him how long he had been driving a cab, and he laughed and said: “This is my fourth week, and I love it.”

He confessed that he is using his friend’s medallion three days a week. “I love people, and I love not sitting at a desk. I’m still living on severance, but who knows what will be next. This is the best outlet for my writing that has ever come up. I’m actually learning while I work.”

Now who knows if this former Wall Streeter will become a professional cab driver, but he is pretty excited about his life right now.

I have another Career Coaching client whose background is in media. As we worked, and explored interests, she showed a distinct liking for service and communication. As we worked further, she began to tell me about friends who were in the Executive Assistant arena of work.

Ultimately, we have revamped and reformulated her Resume to stress these skills, and she began answering postings for these kinds of positions.

Right now, she started a new job. “I don’t even know if I ever wanted to think of myself as an Executive Assistant, but managing the life of a CEO is really exciting. I find it interesting and challenging, and of course am learning so much—about people and about this business.”

Her communication skills, her personal presentation, and her acute intelligence are paying off.

It is doubtful whether she would have come in to this new career path without the help of a Career Coach. An outstanding value of having a Coach is that there is direction in taking a new look at what can be labeled as a “bridge” job—but may possibly turn into a permanent career path.

More and more now out of work individuals are beginning to look at contract, project, and part-time work. In fact, there is a huge cadre of workers who now refer to themselves as “permanent part-timers”—and love it.

The World of Work is different, and workers and seekers of work need to stay aware of differences and move with these changes. Technology is breaking through new frontiers, and staying on the cutting edge of tomorrow is important. Life time learning, and the ability to grow and change, is essential.

You may well develop a career that you never thought of before. Make yourself creative and be a visionary. Think the unthinkable, and stay with a positive and upbeat mind-set.

Beth Ross is an Executive and Career Coach. Web site at: www.bethross.com
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