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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Forget Your Public Library As Part Of Your Job Search



When was the last time you visited your nearest Public Library?

For some, the answer is “yesterday”, because they live in a community in Connecticut where the library was an out and out donation, including grounds overlooking a magnificent river, from the family of a high profile celebrity. It is so beautiful that people just go there to “be there” and have a sense of renewal.

In urban settings, libraries have possibly been in their locations for many years, and the interiors remind and represent a feeling of being in an office building. Passersby rush in to return or sign out books, to check on recent newspapers and magazines, or to do some quick research that can cover a myriad of subjects.

And your Library Card is free!

But—did you ever think of your Public Library as a place of Free Advice, and even Free Computers that you can use?

If you don’t have a personal computer, and you need to explore Job Sites on the Internet, here is your answer.

Need a book on Resume Writing? The library has many, in addition to books on how to Interview and how to negotiate your compensation.

And don’t forget Librarians! These are people who have studied Research for years and love it helping library clients. Years ago when I was doing my Ph.D. studies, and when we didn’t have the Internet, I relied on the help and expertise of librarians in so many instances. It would have been impossible to do it without their help. This is what they do!—find out things that others think might be impossible.

Times are hard, though, for libraries. Hours and staff are being cut. It’s pretty essential that job seekers get busy now and reap the benefits of job search help from libraries.

If, perhaps, one is able to only use the limited services of a Career Coach, the Public Library can be a place where basic Research can take place.

Do everything you possibly can—free—not just the Library but Networking Groups. When at a Library computer, you have the whole Internet world at your disposal. Check job postings for every company you are interested in, and never fail to check sites like Craigs List to find unique, creative, and innovative people looking for just your skills.

Keep thinking! There is always more out there.

The Library can also be a great place not only for information, but a place to meet others who might well be in your own profession. Additionally, some Libraries actually have people on staff to help you with crafting an efficient and impressive Resume. The list goes on.


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